The Ego: The Real Enemy

Remember the saying, “You are your own worst enemy?”  Well, that phrase basically sums up many of the poor decisions I have made in my life.  The root of this enemy was my ego.  When I reflect, most of my life and my unhappiness was the result of trying to either satisfy or protect my ego.

The ego, without boundaries, is insatiable.  After all those years of blood, sweat, and tears I was left with a permanent sense of dissatisfaction in my life.  The ego is also, by its very nature,  a liar that crafts a web of deception as to its fragility.  The ego becomes the manacles and chains that enslave each of us.  We are each responsible for our own salvation.  You cannot save another except by the example you set.  Until we slip those chains, we are blind to the real world and cannot begin to reach true happiness.  We each holds the key to our chains yet we voluntarily put them on each day.  For me, the ego is the stain on human perfection.  It is the original sin.

My wake-up call was the epiphany during the Night of the Wave.  That dream shook loose everything I had built upon the false foundation of my ego.  After that night, nothing would ever be the same for me.  I keep a wallpaper on my laptop’s desktop.  It says, “The death of your ego will be the beginning of your real life”.  It has become the axiom I live my life by.


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