I was lost, now I am found, and everyone else is lost

Obama has become my daily inspiration for how the ego drives otherwise good men to incredibly wicked and morally corrupt deeds.  I read articles that described his intense concern for his legacy and how it would be perceived by history.  This subscription to the whims of history blinded him from doing the right thing.  My wife always mentions that the White House photographer is incredible and I have to agree.  The historical capital by which the photographer continues to capture candid moments of the president standing with a small African-American child in front a portrait of Lincoln is a wonderfully emotionally trigger that tugs on my heart strings.  Now, six years later I feel ashamed.  I was played.  The American people were played.  We were marks in the biggest con in our country’s history.

I’ll be honest.  I voted for change.  I believed the hype.  And then I discovered a harsh truth about politics.  Republican, Democrat, or Tea Party nutcase they don’t live in the same America I do.  They allowed their egos to get the better of them.  Money and power corrupted their souls and corroded their values.  The party that I held up as the moral compass of America was as dark as anything in my worst nightmare.  It is a chilling wake-up call.  I can’t make excuses for them anymore.

I believe American’s try hard.  Yes, some citizens game the system and others live in a world of entitlements.  However, most Americans just work hard and try to get by.

I watched the recent debate over the firing of the West Point football coach.  Alumni rose to defend him claiming it isn’t his fault the players fumble the ball every year.

The news outlets tell me that the millennials are failing in everything they do.  Well, they aren’t failing.  Young Americans are second guesses themselves.  Someone moved the goal posts.

At the end of the day, the coach is the only one we can ultimately hold responsible on a football team.  Likewise, a president for a country.


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