Music was my main companion and muse during the creation of God, Gravity, and the Change Between the Couch Cushions.  It continued to be my constant companion on the second book.

Three bands had significant contributions to my efforts and spiritual journey.  It is rare that I find a band where I like more than a song or two.  Rise Against helped me through 2011.  Imagine Dragons was my constant companion through 2012.  I Hate Kate (now Darling Thieves) was my 2013 addition.

Although it is magical to find a band whose entire playlist connects with me, often the single hit tells a stronger story.  The passion and creation that goes into a single song is difficult to replicate.  It is the heart and soul of the artist or band focused on a single effort.

Living in Denver was a blessing for a year.  Great new bands and live music.  Discovering great new songs is a favorite pastime and FM 93.3 kept me abreast of these artists.  I still rely on the Top 8 at 8 to help find new inspiration.  Sirius XMU and Alt Nation are also a great method to find these incredible artists.

Artist with favorite singles include: Greg Laswell (Come Back Down), Embrace (Ashes), Atlas Genius (Trojans), Matt Kearny (Down), Alkaline Trio (I Found Away and In Vein), Wavves (So Bored and Demon to Lean On),  SR71 (Right Now), and Remy Zero (Prophecy).  Some of these are older than others 🙂  I still get chills listening to Neil Diamond (America) and appreciate the majesty of Queen in the soundtracks for both Flash Gordon and Highlander.

My latest favorites for 2016 and 2017 are The Strumbellas and Angels and Airwaves (Tom DeLonge from Blink182).

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