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For the majority of Christians, the Holy Spirit (older term: Holy Ghost, from Old English gāst, “spirit”) is the third person of the Holy Trinity—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and is Almighty God. The Holy Spirit is seen by most Christians as one person of the Triune God, who revealed His Holy Name, YHWH, to His people Israel, sent His eternally begotten son Jesus to save them from their sins, and sent the Holy Spirit to sanctify and give life to His Church. The Triune God manifests as three persons (Greek hypostases), in one divine being (Greek: Ousia), called the Godhead, the Divine Essence of God.

Reading: Meister Eckhart Selected Writings by Oliver Davies

Okay, so it is no surprise to me that my journey bring me to Eckhart. To be honest, until last year the only reference to Eckhart I had found was in the movie Jacob’s Ladder. The main characters discuss Eckhart’s perception of demons and angels freeing us from the material world to which we cling for existence and value. The movie is based on Ambrose Bierce short story Occurence at Owl Creek Bridge. I saw the movie years ago and this discussion about Eckhart still gives me chills.  A few months ago, I watched the movie again for the first time in decades. Immediately, I jumped on Amazon and bought the first book I could find: Meister Eckhart Selected Writings by Oliver Davies.

Since reading this book, I have enjoyed several others and will do reviews on those as well. Any fans of Christian Mysticism will enjoy this book. Eckhart’s story and contribution to the philosophical understanding of the Godhead is beyond measure. He doesn’t write in riddles and his parables are sound. He turns a critical eye within himself to arrive at his assertions and they ring true.

This book, specifically, is pop culture Eckhart. It is the best, most understandable, and most memorable discussions and sermons he produced. I can’t cite or say a single negative thing about this book or Eckhart after reading it. And that bothers me. I am accustomed to disagreements. I welcome positions that challenge my own understanding or beliefs and I didn’t feel that way reading this book. His other books, available through your local library, will help push that individual envelope should the Eckhart fan want challenges. This book is very well thought out. The organization and structure is smooth.

Is there anything wrong with reading a book that doesn’t challenge your perceptions? No. Did I gain valuable insight into myself, God, and Eckhart? Absolutely. Would I recommend it?  Without hesitation. Almost every page in this book has a highlight mark or a dog-eared page. I devoured it and it resounded within me. However, if you discover Eckhart speaks to you personally like I felt, don’t stop with this book. There are many more that you won’t find on Amazon. Check out eBay!

The Dream Part 3: The River of the Holy Spirit

The most memorable part of my dream was finally seeing and understanding the Holy Spirit.  Previously, the mystery of the Holy Spirit confounded me.  I always began and ended prayers to the Trinity, but would often catch myself wondering about the entity we call the Holy Spirit within the Triune God.

My first dream in March 2011 showed me the mechanics of the mind and soul across infinite universes.  While a complete understanding was almost beyond my mind, I saw the mechanics in action.  I learned to appreciate how powerful our imagination is and how our individual actions affect our surroundings.

Since then, I had many epiphanies and dreams, both awake and asleep.  Each one of them was important.  However, this dream answered one of my greatest questions.  I have never fully comprehended the mechanics of the Holy Spirit and this had bothered me.  I mean REALLY bothered me as both an engineer and as a Christian.

If I were to verbally paint a picture, imagine lying propped up on your bed with your back against several pillows.  Your knees are bent.  Now we are taking a trip to the Theater of Perception.  Remove the room and the bed and the hotel.  Remove the earth and the stars.  Now in this place your physical body is gone and instead you can see the energy moving throughout your body.  It is life.  It flows non-stop from your toes and fingertips to your head and heart.  It reminded me of those drawings in medical books of the human circulatory system but with energy instead of blood.  The energy was orange and blue.

Suspended above me was a horizontal waterfall, bright and white, stretching out as far as I could see.  It flowed with a tremendous rush and thunderous noise.  I was told this was the Holy Spirit.  I saw it penetrate everything in our world.  It was beyond our normal perception but was ever present.  I saw that the energy in my body and that of the Holy Spirit were one in the same but it was the Source.  I was told to dip my toes in the River of the Holy Spirit.  I willed my leg to raise.  Although my physical leg was gone and replaced with a network of pulsing energy, I understood this was still my leg.  As my toes were immersed into the Holy Spirit I started to cry as I felt the most extreme rapture and ecstasy beyond anything I could imagine.  I felt I was one with God in that moment.  I was with the Source and it was flowing through me.

It was so intense it could almost be mistaken for physical pain or a shock.  I immediately thought of the most severe pins and needles I could imagine from a limb that falls asleep.  As it spread throughout my body, it felt like electricity.  I wanted to immerse my entire being in it but was held back.  I would do anything to feel it again.  When I read about the ecstasy and yearning described by saints, I could not relate to that feeling.  In that moment, everything changed.  The pure love and exquisite energy in that moment could never be compared to an earthly event.

I finally understood that the Holy Spirit makes everything possible.  It is the fabric of the Divine.  It is the river that gives life.  It is God and the integration medium for all Creation.  An Entity unto itself, it holds together and nourishes His Creation.